"Aika's favorite pair of shorts, given to her by Vyse's mother." - Flavor Text

Aika's Shorts (ショートパンツ Short Pants) are a womans-class piece of armor that can be worn by Aika and Fina.

Basic DescriptionEdit

As the name implies, Aika's Shorts are Aika's initial armor. When equipped, it increase the wearer's Defense by 19 and Magic Defense by 21. It cannot be purchased from any shops, but can be sold for 25 Gold.


Aika's Shorts are sufficient for getting through the first dungeon, but that's about it. Once you get to Pirate's Isle, upgrade Aika to the Valuan Uniform. As there is only one pair throughout the entire game, completionists will not want to sell Aika's Shorts.

Women’s Armor
Aika's ShortsMystic DressFemale ArmorMaiden's ArmorMoonlight RobeSwift DressLight DressFocus Robe

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