Aluspheres (ナマトヌカ Namatonuka) are robotic stone statues found in Mount Kazai. They are blue-affiliated.

In-battle, the Alusphere can use the following battle commands:

  • Attack: A standard physical attack that has a chance of inflicting Stone on the target.
  • Drain: The Alusphere fires a yellow energy beam straight ahead of itself, possible inflicting Weak on any party members in the line of fire.

When defeated, Aluspheres yield 1,025 EXP, 444 Gold and have a 2% chance of dropping a Gem of Fluidity.

Aluspheres appear as scripted encounters towards the end of Mount Kazai, always appearing in groups of two in battle. While the first pair the party encounters must be defeated in order to advance, it is possible to bypass the remaining encounters.

HP Attack Defense Vigor Will Magic Defense Quick Agile Hit Percent Dodge Percent
1162 296 353 104 108 272 73 20 120 0

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