Belle was a former gunner of Clara, but was sent to help Vyse in order to improve her gunner skills.


Originally a member of Calamity Clara's crew on board the Primrose, Belle mysteriously showed up in the newly constructed base at Crescent Island under instructions to join the crew and train with them as a gunner. Why she couldn't train along with the rest of Clara's crew is a mystery, but one suspects Clara was just too nice to use the phrase "danger to herself and everyone around her". It's not that Belle is incompetent or stupid, it's just that clumsiness, absent-mindedness and gunpowder tend not to mix, or rather mix altogether too well. Still, she makes up for it with boundless enthusiasm and eagerness to please, to the point that Vyse decided to let her in as a full member of the crew. Her eagerness, energy, and strength are above average, but when cursed by her innate clumsiness, all her efforts prove fruitless. Her favorite phrase is, “I’ll do my best!”


Vyse simply needs to talk to Belle to recruit her. Belle appears in Crescent Isle after the party returns from Yafutoma. She comes with Nara and Lilly, her helpers.

In the CrewEdit


Belle's Attack

On Crescent Isle, Belle becomes the Ship equipment mercant. When she is an active member, the secondary cannons attack is boost by 50. She is also an attacker during the Blue Rogues Attack.


Belle (2)

Belle's Fate

At the end of the game she rejoins Clara's crew, "confident with the knowledge that cannonballs come out of the cannons really fast."

Trivia Edit

  • Belle has jiggle physics for her breasts.

Gallery Edit

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