A list of the different types of armor found in Skies of Arcadia.

Men's armorEdit

Drachma's ShirtEdit

Original Japanese: 猟師のツナギ Ryoushi no Tsunagi
Defense: 45 | MagDef: 42
Resale Value: 170
An extra large, heavy shirt that's been well
worn by years of hard work.

Heavy ArmorEdit

Original Japanese: 清掃ツナギ Seisou Tsunagi
Defense: 58 | MagDef: 53
Resale Value: 230
Very thick and heavy armor made for a man.
Offers protection against physical attacks.

Flame MantleEdit

Original Japanese: 炎の赤フン Honoo no Aka Fun
Defense: 74 | MagDef: 69
Resale Value: 390/195?
A dress crafted from extremely light weight

Miner's OverallsEdit

Original Japanese: 鉱夫のツナギ Koufu no Tsunagi
Defense: 87 | MagDef: 80
Retail Value: 910 | Resale Value: 277
Thick overalls, worn by miners. It is very
difficult to find a pair that isn't dirty.

Nasr UniformEdit

Original Japanese: ナスル軍服 Nasuru Gunpuku
Defense: 104 | MagDef: 96
Retail Value: 2070 | Resale Value: 1035
A uniform designed for the Nasr Sailors. It's
in good condition, but has no rank markings.

Scale MailEdit

Original Japanese: 鎖かたびら Kusari Katabira
Defense: 141 | MagDef: 130
Retail Value: 3990 | Resale Value: 1995
Extremely effective armor from the east, crafted
from the scales of large creatures.

Vengeance ArmorEdit

Original Japanese: 空賊王のツナギ Kuuzoku-ou no Tsunagi
Defense: 162 | MagDef: 149
Counterattack Rate: +10
Retail Value: 6460 | Resale Value: 3230
Enchanted Armor that improves the wearer's
counterattacking skills.

Berzerker MailEdit

Original Japanese: 闘魂ガウン Toukon Gaun
Defense: 140 | MagDef: 140
Attack: +20 | Hit%: +20
Resale Value: 2010
Location: Pinta's Quest/Gunarm
A tunic that fits Vyse. It enhances the wearer's
fighting abilities.
Armor made by Lapen. It greatly increases the
wearer's attacking capabilities.

Women's armorEdit

Aika's ShortsEdit

Original Japanese: ショートパンツ Shōto Pantsu
Defense: 19 | MagDef: 21
Resale Value: 25
Aika's favorite pair of shorts, given to her
by Vyse's mother.

Mystic DressEdit

Original Japanese: ノースリーブ Nō Surību
Defense: 42 | MagDef: 46
Retail Value: 310 | Resale Value: 155
A dress made of magically resistant fabric that
enables the wearer to resist magic attacks.

Female ArmorEdit

Original Japanese: フリルのスカート Furiru no Sukāto
Defense: 92 | MagDef: 99
Resale Value: 660
Armor crafted to fit a woman's body, and
protect it from enemy attacks.

Maiden's ArmorEdit

Original Japanese: パーティドレス Pāti Doresu
Defense: 103 | MagDef: 112
Retail Value: 840 | Resale Value: 420
Legendary armor given to a great female warrior
by Daccat.

Moonlight RobeEdit

Original Japanese: 天女の羽衣 Tennyo no Hagoromo
Defense: 134 | MagDef: 145
Dodge%: +20
Retail Value: 4460 | Resale Value: 2230
A shimmering robe that reflects moonlight, the
way a calm lake reflects light at night.

Swift DressEdit

Original Japanese: 月のキャミソール Tsuki no Kyamisōru
Defense: 149 | MagDef: 170
Quick: +20
Retail Value: 149 | Resale Value: 170
An enchanted dress that increases the wearer's

Light DressEdit

Original Japanese: 勝負の下着 Shoubu no Shitagi
Defense: 70 | MagDef: 70
Dodge%: +30 | Quick: +30
Resale Value: 705
Location: Pinta's Quest/Piastol4
Very light, yet durable armor for Aika.
It increases her agility.
Very light, yet durable armor made for women.
It greatly increase's the wearer's speed.

Focus RobeEdit

Original Japanese: ビザールビスチェ Bizāru Bisuche
Defense: 70 | MagDef: 70
Will: +100
Resale Value: 727
Location: Pinta's Quest/Faina
A Robe that allows the wearer to mentally
channel energy, increasing her will.

Other ArmorEdit

Vyse's UniformEdit

Original Japanese: 青空賊の服 Ao Kuuzoku no Fuku
Defense: 20 | MagDef: 20
Resale Value: 30
Uniform of the Blue Rogues.
Given to him by his father.

Valuan UniformEdit

Original Japanese: バルアクルー服 Barua Kurū Fuku
Defense: 32 | MagDef: 32
Retail Value: 170 | Resale Value: 85
A uniform stolen from a low-ranking Valuan

Sailor UniformEdit

Original Japanese: 船乗りの服 Funanori no Fuku
Defense: 44 | MagDef: 44
Retail Value: 330 | Resale Value: 165
Inexpensive, light weight, and durable, this
is the preferred dress of sailors.


Original Japanese: 旅立ちの服 Tabidachi no Fuku
Defense: 56 | MagDef: 56
Retail Value: 560 | Resale Value: 280
Durable coat worn by sailors to protect them
from the harsh elements.

Caravan ArmorEdit

Original Japanese: キャラバンの服 Kyaraban no Fuku
Defense: 100 | MagDef: 100
Retail Value: 1930 | Resale Value: 965
Thick armor made from the hides of the desert

Daccat's ArmorEdit

Original Japanese: ダカットの服 Dakatto no Fuku
Defense: 108 | MagDef: 108
Resale Value: 910
Very durable, light armor, engraved with
Daccat's seal.

Naval UniformEdit

Original Japanese: ネイビーの服 Neibī no Fuku
Defense: 112 | MagDef: 112
Retail Value: 2470 | Resale Value: 1235
A fairly light type of armor, designed for
stealth missions.

Ghost MailEdit

Original Japanese: ゴーストの服 Gōsuto no Fuku
Defense: 128 | MagDef: 128
Resale Value: 1310
A strange outfit that appears translucent in
light, and floats eerily when released.

Soranchu RobeEdit

Original Japanese: ソランチュの服 Soranchu no Fuku
Defense: 136 | MagDef: 136
Retail Value: 3750 | Resale Value: 1875
A robe belonging to a legendary Yafutoman
adventurer, who earned the nickname [Sky King.]

Captain's CloakEdit

Original Japanese: 船長のマント Senchou no Manto
Defense: 148 | MagDef: 148
Retail Value: 4500 | Resale Value: 2250
A thick cloak, designed to protect a ship's
captain as he braves the elements.

Gaia CapeEdit

Original Japanese: ガイアのマント Gaia no Manto
Defense: 168 | MagDef: 168
Retail Value: 5910 | Resale Value: 2955
An enchanted Cape that protects the wearer as
he enters new lands in search of adventure.

Agile RobeEdit

Original Japanese: サラームの法衣 Sarāmu no Houi
Defense: 65 | MagDef: 65
Hit%: +10 | Dodge%: +5
Retail Value: 930 | Resale Value: 465
A lightweight robe that increases the wearer's

Light CoatEdit

Original Japanese: フレアコート Furea Kōto
Defense: 103 | MagDef: 103
Hit%: +10 | Dodge%: +5
Retail Value: 830 | Resale Value: 415
A lightweight coat that increases the wearer's
For Fina Only

Enrique's CoatEdit

Original Japanese: 皇太子のコート Koutaishi no Kōto
Defense: 119 | MagDef: 119
Hit%: +10 | Dodge%: +5
Resale Value: 1695
The light armor of the Valuan Imperial Court.
It improves the wearer's agility.

Moss ArmorEdit

Original Japanese: 苔むしたコート Kokemusu Kōto
Defense: 126 | MagDef: 126
Hit%: +20 | Dodge%: +10
Retail Value: 1280 | Resale Value: 640
An old suit of armor crafted from moss found in
the Dark Rift.

Long RobeEdit

Original Japanese: 高僧の袈裟 Kousou no Kesa
Defense: 130 | MagDef: 130
Hit%: +20 | Dodge%: +10
Retail Value: 4110 | Resale Value: 2055
A long cloth, designed to wrap around the
wearer's body. Increases Agile.

Blessed RobeEdit

Original Japanese: 水神の聖衣 Suijin no Sei Koromo
Defense: 142 | MagDef: 142
Hit%: +30 | Dodge%: +15
Retail Value: 4980 | Resale Value: 2490
Robe blessed in holy water, it's light weight
allows the wearer to be more agile.

Robe of FaithEdit

Original Japanese: 真実の聖衣 Shinjitsu no Sei Koromo
Defense: 161 | MagDef: 161
Hit%: +30 | Dodge%: +15
Retail Value: 6510 | Resale Value: 3255
For the pure of heart. This robe will protect
the user from enemy attacks.

Valuan ArmorEdit

Original Japanese: バルアの古鎧 Barua no Furu Yoroi
Defense: 51 | MagDef: 44
Retail Value: 480 | Resale Value: 240
An old suit of armor worn by guards in the
Valuan Imperial Palace.

Ceramic ArmorEdit

Original Japanese: 素焼きの鎧 Suyaki no Yoroi
Defense: 73 | MagDef: 62
Retail Value: 1040 | Resale Value: 520
Light, but very durable armor created from
baking different types of Nasrean Clay.

Golden ArmorEdit

Original Japanese: 金メッキの鎧
Defense: 90 | MagDef: 77
Retail Value: 2480 | Resale Value: 2480
Extremely heavy armor forged from Ixa'takan

De Loco MailEdit

Original Japanese: デ・ロッコの鎧 De Rokko no Yoroi
Defense: 99 | MagDef: 84
Resale Value: 730
A suit of armor crafted by De Loco, designed
to protect the wearer from enemy attacks.

Gilder's MailEdit

Original Japanese: キャプテンメイル Kyaputen Meiru
Defense: 116 | MagDef: 99
Resale Value: 1420
Light armor, worn by Gilder under his coat.
Gilder likes to have fun, but he's no dummy.

Battleworn ArmorEdit

Original Japanese: 歴戦の鎧 Rekisen no Yoroi
Defense: 133 | MagDef: 114
Retail Value: 3810 | Resale Value: 1905
A well-worn suit of armor that has apparently
saved the previous owner's life many times.

Fiber MailEdit

Original Japanese: ファイバーメイル Faibā Meiru
Defense: 164 | MagDef: 139
Retail Value: 2180 | Resale Value: 2180
Very effective armor woven from a special type
of moss found in the Dark Rift.

Plated ArmorEdit

Original Japanese: アレスの鎧 Aresu no Yoroi
Defense: 181 | MagDef: 154
Retail Value: 7430 | Resale Value: 3715
Finely crafted armor forged by the greatest
smiths in Arcadia's history.

Light RobeEdit

Original Japanese: もめんのローブ Momen no Rōbu
Defense: 29 | MagDef: 34
Retail Value: 130 | Resale Value: 65
A lightweight robe crafted from magically
resistant fabric.

Fina's RobeEdit

Original Japanese: シルクのローブ Shiruko no Rōbu
Defense: 55 | MagDef: 64
Resale Value: 255
A traditional Silvite Dress, worn by women of
the Silver Civilization.

Ancient RobeEdit

Original Japanese: 副葬のローブ Fukusou no Rōbu
Defense: 69 | MagDef: 82
Resale Value: 370/185?
A robe belonging to a long-dead, but once
powerful wizard.

Fiber RobeEdit

Original Japanese: グラスローブ Gurasu Rōbu
Defense: 77 | MagDef: 90
Retail Value: 1040 | Resale Value: 520
Ceremonial Robe woven from plants.
Protects the user from magic attacks.

Holy RobeEdit

Original Japanese: 高貴なローブ Kouki na Rōbu
Defense: 92 | MagDef: 108
Retail Value: 1520 | Resale Value: 760
Sacred Robes worn by the Priests of Nasr.
Protects the user from magic attacks.

Miracle RobeEdit

Original Japanese: 伝説のローブ Densetsu no Rōbu
Defense: 114 | MagDef: 133
Retail Value: 2400 | Resale Value: 1200
A robe worn by a monk who miraculously returned
unharmed after being lost in the Dark Rift.

Moon RobeEdit

Original Japanese: 藍染のローブ Aizome no Rōbu
Defense: 125 | MagDef: 146
Retail Value: 1300 | Resale Value: 1300
A beautiful robe that glows blue in the night.
Resists enemy magic spells.

Robe of TruthEdit

Original Japanese: 奇跡のローブ Kiseki no Rōbu
Defense: 154 | MagDef: 181
Retail Value: 4590 | Resale Value: 2295
A lightweight robe that allows the user to
resist magic spells.


Original Japanese: 全身ゴムタイツ Zenshin Gomu Taitsu
Defense: 54 | MagDef: 54
Yellow Resistance: +20%
Retail Value: 580 | Resale Value: 290
A tight-fitting suit that resists damage from
yellow magic spells.

Nasrean MailEdit

Original Japanese: ナスル商人の服 Nasuru Shounin no Fuku
Defense: 66 | MagDef: 66
Red Resistance: +20%
Retail Value: 920 | Resale Value: 460
Durable, lightweight outfit made for desert
travel. Defends the wearer against Red Magic.

Nasr Combat MailEdit

Original Japanese: 昔のナスル軍服 Mukashi no Nasuru Gunpuku
Defense: 66 | MagDef: 66
Attack: +5 | Will: +5
Resale Value: 320
An old uniform worn in the Valua-Nasr War.
It boosts attack power and spirit.

Victory MailEdit

Original Japanese: トロピカシャツ Toropika Shatsu
Defense: 90 | MagDef: 90
Attack: +5 | Will: +5
Retail Value: 620 | Resale Value: 620
Enchanted suit of armor that raises the attack
power and will of the wearer.

Ixa'takan ArmorEdit

Original Japanese: サファリシャツ Safari Shatsu
Defense: 109 | MagDef: 109
Green Resistance: +20%
Retail Value: 2790 | Resale Value: 1395
A cloth tunic worn in the jungle, designed to
protect the wearer from Green Magic.

Daccat's TunicEdit

Original Japanese: プレミアシャツ Puremia Shatsu
Defense: 121 | MagDef: 121
Blue Resistance: +20%
Retail Value: 3500 | Resale Value: 3500
A Legendary Tunic said to have been worn by
Daccat. Protects the user from Blue Magic.

Insulated MailEdit

Original Japanese: モコモコセーター Mokomoko Sētā
Defense: 145 | MagDef: 145
Purple Resistance: +20%
Retail Value: 5180 | Resale Value: 2590
An insulated tunic made from very thin fabric.
Protects the wearer from Purple Magic.

Silver ArmorEdit

Original Japanese: シルバースーツ Shirubā Sūtsu
Defense: 160 | MagDef: 160
Silver Resistance: +20%
Resale Value: 8580
A silver suit of armor that has a high
resistance to Silver attacks.

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