Gilder's Ship, The Claudia

The Claudia is a large ship flown by Gilder
File:IMG 3217.jpg
. It boasts an intricate and elegant six sail design, and is painted bright burgandy. Gilder's "flag" is displayed on one of its forward sail, a winged skull with a cigar in it's teeth (which is later seen decorating the walls of the underground port at Crescent Isle). The Claudia makes it's first in-game appearance when Vyse spots it and signals for rescue when he becomes stranded on Crescent Isle. It is equiped with a total of nineteen cannons, seven on each of it's port and starboard sides and five on it's forward side. Although the Claudia seems very well equipped for combat, it's capabilities as a battleship are never tested during the in-game battles.

The Claudia was one of many ships that engaged the Valuan Armada during the Battle of Soltis.


The Claudia helps Glider to execute his one of his Super-Moves by repeatedly firing heavy artillery onto the enemy from its starboard cannons, also called The Claudia.

Name OriginsEdit

Claudia is a common girl's name, fitting in with Gilder's habit of romancing women.

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