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A Crew Member is a special character-type found in Skies of Arcadia. Once Vyse and his crew hijack the Delphinus from Valua, they can go around the world and recruit characters to assist them in running the ship.


Crew members play a major role in Ship Battles, where they add additional abilities that can be called to protect the ship or enhance its attacks.

There are 11 positions on the ship that can be filled, with two potential characters to fill that role. Only one character can be active in a job at any time; these members are the ones who can be called on in battle. As a bonus, the characters can be seen working around the Delphinus. In addition, if the party's Spirit Points are completely full, a special attack called the Blue Rogue Attack that uses all active crew members can be called upon.

Crew members also appear in various roles on Crescent Isle once it is established as a hideout.



Artisans enhance the ship's attributes and raise attack and defense for a limited time.


Builders can repair the ship to full health or increase the power of the Moon Stone Cannon.


Cooks replenish the MP of characters and max out the ship's SP.


Delegates can completely negate magic attacks or cannon fire for one turn.


Engineers boost ship defenses and magic defense.


Gunners increase the damage dealt by the ship's primary and secondary cannons.


Helmsmen increase the ship's movement and dodge score.


Jesters can enhance the value of the ship or increase the chance of a first strike.


Lookout increase the hit chance of attacks.


Merchants increase the chance of finding special and rare items.


Sailors enhance the ship's Spirit Points and can reduce the costs of actions for a turn.

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