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Character Type Playable character/Weapon
Age Unknown
Homeland: Great Silver Shrine
Faction: Silvites, Blue Rogues
Voice Actors: None

Cupil is Fina's pet and her primary weapon in battle. Cupil has been Fina's pet ever since she was a small girl living on the Great Silver Shrine.

Cupil can morph into various shapes, and gains power by eating Chams and Abirik Chams, Moon Stone shards that are hidden throughout the game. Conversely, he will cough up all Chams and Abirik chams he has eaten if fed a Chom. His most powerful form is Cupil Final, although it required a download in the Dreamcast version in order to get the final cham. When not in battle, Cupil takes the form of a bracelet that Fina wears.

Ironically, or perhaps to balance out battle attributes, Cupil is the most powerful weapon in the game in his final form, despite Fina being the weakest member of the party.


Cupil evolves differently based on when he is fed Abirik Chams. Note that they must be fed while Cupil is in the appropriate form. No matter which path Cupil evolves along, it will always reach its final form.

Cupil chart

Cupil Growth Chart (cham/abirik)

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