Cupil Final is Cupil’s final transformation, achieved by feeding Cupil 30 Chams and 3 Abirik Chams, which compose all of the available Chams in the game. Therefore, it can only be seen at the end of the game, most likely a few fights before the end-game boss.

In this form, Cupil's attack animation is similar to Fina's Super-Move Lunar Winds, with his growing big, sucking the targeted enemy in, spitting it back to its original position and dealing powerful damage.


In the original version of the game, this transformation increased Fina’s attack by a whopping 500 points; it was downgraded to 300 in the remake. Either way, this makes Cupil Final the strongest weapon in the game, even stronger than Vyse’s Sky Fang (which by comparison increases his Attack by 255. Fina's low attack stat makes this moot, however). It also has a hit percentage of 100.


  • In the Dreamcast version, a download was required to obtain all of the Chams; in the remake, all the Chams are available in-game.

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