About 5 generation ago,long before my time.... There was a great Air Pirate named Daccat that terrorized the world- Pedro describing Daccat to Aika and Fina.

HAHAHAHAHA!!! I didn't know that Daccat had such a great sence of humor. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time! A good laugh beats a bunch of gold any day.- Gilder's reaction after finding Daccats treasure.

"Brave souls that come seeking my treasure, do not be discouraged. You already have the most valuable treasures in the world." "Comrades, trust, and cooperation.Those are the only true treasures in this world." -Daccat.


The Great Air Pirate Daccat is a non-playable character in Skies of Arcadia. He is never seen in-game, as he is from a time long past, but remains a very strong influence on the characters and has a significant role in the storyline. He is first mentioned by Pedro when he meets Aika and Fina in Nasrad. Daccat is often referred to by the characters as the greatest air pirate in history, having accumulated a vast fortune throughout his adventures and bearing a hallmark seal that is somehow extremely difficult to make counterfeits of. Very late into the game, if Pinta is part of Vyse's crew, the former will claim that Vyse is very much Daccat's equal in terms of accomplishments.

His main legacy is reflected in the adventure the main cast embark when they go to Daccat's Island. Daccat's last note in the treasure chest reminds the protagonists that only their friendship and cooperation allowed them to get as far as they did into his island, indicating that Daccat had a strong sense of honor and loyalty much like Vyse does.

Daccat seems to have had a very strong affiliation with blue magic but it is never explained why, though it is likely just an allusion to him traveling the world.

Vyse is able to wield Daccat's sword in-game (Sword of Daccat).

Gilder is able to wield Daccat's pistol in-game (Daccat Custom).

He is referenced again by The Ghost Ship.


  • It may be possible that Vyse summons Daccat's spirit by casting Skull Shield. This observation is due to the similarity between the Pirate specter that manifests during the attack and the image carved at the entrances of Daccat's Island.
  • It is possible that the Pirate's Grave discovery is Daccat's final resting place.

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