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Character Type Ally
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Homeland: Yafutoma
Faction: Yafotoman Empire
Voice Actors: (Japanese)


Daigo is the prince of Yafutoma and brother to Moegi.


For directly disobeying an order from his father, the emperor, sometime before Vyse's story began, he was exiled to Tenkou Island. His sister, Moegi, suggests that Kangan and Muraji convinced the emperor to exile Daigo in order to have a shot at the throne. He would later resumes his royal duties after war with the Valuans. Throughout the game, he helps Vyse and his friends with their problems, aiding them with his Yafotuman navy. At the end of the game, he becomes the king of his land. Daigo is very casual and adventurous but also determined and loyal to his country.

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