Dark rift

The Dark Rift as seen from the inside.

"That ain't no ordinary sky rift!" -Don

I once heard from a man that managed to survive a shipwreck in the Dark Rift that there are these strange plants called "Lenautos". He said that he survived by following the paths on which these things grew. I wonder what they look like...-The Innkeeper at Esparanza

The Dark Rift (the lands of the Black Moon?) is a huge area that effectively separates Yafutoma from the rest of the world, and makes reaching the 'Looper Land' nigh impossible until late in the game.

Theory: Edit

As a potential explanation for the existence of the dark rift, although there are many theories and there is not enough evidence to confirm any of them, the most chronologically likely one is that it was caused by the semi-accidental obliteration of the Black Moon by the Silvites. Given that the power of black moonstones is to invert energy signatures, exposure of the Black Moon to the beam emitted from Soltice Tower during the first usage of the Rains of Destruction intended to destroy the populations of each continent may have been more catastrophic than intended. An unanticipated reaction between the Rains of Destruction energy and Black Moon could have outright destroyed the moon instead of generating a massive meteor shower; a combination of the projected void-destruction energy and inversion energy would logically be total-destruction energy, which would seemingly result in the entire black moon becoming extremely unstable and in some manner or another resulting in its destruction or otherwise causing it to leave its orbit. The resulting loss of its governing influence on the lands below it caused them to be thrown into chaos, apparently generating the dark rift.

It is interesting to note however that no one in the entire game, not even the Silvite elders, mention a Black Moon existing in the old world. As the the Silvite Elders had a historical chronicle dating back to the old world (and may well have dated back to that time personally), it is unlikely that they would not have known about a Black Moon had it actually existed. However, given how guarded they were with information, it is equally unlikely that they would have spoken of it unless absolutely necessary.

The only shred of evidence that seems to directly hint at a '7th moon' is the Mysterious Rings discovery in the north ocean, which can be interpreted as an astrological chart of the Arcadian planet system (1 planet, 7 moons in orbit). This chart seems to denote several interesting things: first and most relevant to this theory is that one of the orbital bodies being noted as having left the system by the lines around the drawing, second, the other 5 moons are linked by some common influence, while the final moon remains uninfluenced. This is perhaps an ancient chronolog of the fact that five moons were successfully subjected to the rains of destruction, while simultaneously detailing that the silvites spared themselves the same fate (it never originally 'rained' from the silver moon) -- and further detailing the unanticipated effect that the black moon suffered -- namely it's removal from the system.

The fact that the remaining Silvites were aware of a Blue Gigas, that the gigas had participated in the wars with other civilizations, and that they were aware of Yafutoma itself, heavily implies that the old world equivalent of Yafutoma was not cut off from the rest of the world at the time as it is during the present day. This would heavily imply that the Dark Rift had not existed prior to the Rains of Destruction.

As an ObstacleEdit

Until the Delphinus gains the ability to fly above the cloud level, there is no way to get beyond the Dark Rift. As a result, Yafutoma, Ryu-Kan's Island, the Looper Land, and a few other locations become completely unreachable. It draws a large circle on the world map, blocking the area west of Ixa'Taka, north of valua/"south" of the Lands of Ice, east of Nasr, and creates another circle around the entire Looper Land.

After gaining the ability to fly above and below the clouds, it is possible to fly over it and, just above the dungeon region, the Hamachou Island can be found.

The general structure of the "core", or dungeon region, when viewed from outside or above reveals it to be much like a hurricane or huge tropical storm, like a super-sized version of the Vortex.

The CoreEdit

After defeating Admiral Gregorio at Esparanza, the Dark Rift must be crossed by entering the "eye" -- sort of a horizontal tornado or funnel like artifact of the storm that is calm inside. The inside looks like a jumble of living islands, some of which actually pulse rhythmically as though breathing. Shipwrecks, etc. can be seen smashed against many islands, and a good number of them actually function as 'treasure chests' of a sort. The interior is divided into different room-like areas, separated by more eyes, but with a catch: any eye that flashes very dimly red will lead back to the entrance of the core -- which renders this dungeon into a potentially infuriating bact-to-start maze. The Inn keeper at Esparanza, mentions that there is a certain type of plant marking the correct route to navigate the Dark rift: This is probably referring to the enormous yellow glowing flowers that seem to loosely mark out a path through the rift. A player can fairly reliably trust these glowing flowers to lead the way, although there are a few red herrings here and there. In the final chamber, the Anguila is fought as the dungeons final challenge. Later on, after gaining the ability to enter Soltis, Elcian can be fought in the same final area. This is one of the only two places in the game that the Delphinus goes through the dungeon, and contains two of the four ship save points in the game.

In general, crew members are afraid or otherwise uneasy when you talked to aboard the Delphinus while inside the dark rift. Robinson can be found stranded in the core, and will join if Polly has been recruited (and, if you reach Robinson after recruiting Urala, Polly must be on duty).

As a DungeonEdit

Treasure ChestsEdit

The Treasure chests in this area are ship wrecks with a glowing light coming from inside:



  • In the Japanese version, the Dark Rift is called Sargasso. The name is a reference to the Sargasso Sea, a region in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean.
  • The Dark Rift may be a parody of the Bermuda triangle.
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