Here is a list of all the Discoveries found in Skies of Arcadia sorted by location.

Skies of arcadia discoveries

Both GamesEdit

The following are discoveries that are found in both versions of Skies of Arcadia. The numbers indicate which slot on the discovery log they occupy when found ingame, from 1 to 89.


Nasr Desert (Maramba)Edit


South OceanEdit


North OceanEdit


Frontier LandsEdit

The Dark RiftEdit


Lands of IceEdit

Looper's TerritoryEdit

High Altitude Discoveries:Edit

Above NasrEdit

Above Mid OceanEdit

Above Ixa'takaEdit

Above The Dark Rift AreaEdit

Above YafutomaEdit

Low Altitude Discoveries:Edit

Below Mid OceanEdit

Below ValuaEdit

Below Dark Rift AreaEdit

Below Lands of Ice

Legends ExclusivesEdit

The following are discoveries that are only found in Skies of Arcadia Legends.

Mid OceanEdit

Nasr Desert (maramba)Edit

South OceanEdit


North OceanEdit

Nasrad/Daccats Isle areaEdit

Looper TerritoryEdit

Lands of IceEdit

High Elevation DiscoveriesEdit

Above ValuaEdit

Above Yafutoma Area:Edit

Above Lands of IceEdit


Low Elevation DiscoveriesEdit

Below The Dark Rift AreaEdit

Below Yafutoma AreaEdit

Below Lands Of IceEdit


  • The Golden Hamachou will only appear after you've obtained the rank of Vyse the Legend.

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