"A traditional Silvite Dress, worn by women of the Silver Civilization."- Flavor Text

Fina's Robe (Silk Robe in the Japan) is a Feminine-class piece of armor that can be worn by Aika, Fina, and Enrique. It cannot be purchased from any shops, but can be sold for 255 Gold.

Basic DescriptionEdit

As it's name implies, Fina's Robe is Fina's initial armor. When equipped, it increases the wearer's Defense by 55 and Magic Defense by 64.

Although the English version's flavor text for the robe refers to it as a dress, it is not refered to as such in the Japanese version.


Fina's Robe, like all other default armor, won't stay in your inventory for very long. As soon as you reach Maramba, you should sell Fina's Robe and upgrade her to the superior Agile Robe. And since Aika will soon be getting the Ancient Robe in the Temple of Pyrynn, giving her Fina's Robe would be pointless.

Feminine Armor
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