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There are many different types of fish that can be caught while navigating around the different areas of Arcadia, they can be found above the clouds, in the mid sky areas, and below continents(deep sky).

Fish travel in schools (except for the Ancient Fish), and can be identified easily due to their bright colors.

To catch them you simply identify a school visually and steer your ship into it.


  • Eat them for healing.
  • Give them to your cook to get a healing item.
  • Sell them (value varies from fish to fish, some are worth a nice bit).
  • Catch 1000 for the title "Vyse the Fisher King" (remake only).

List of fishEdit

  1. Sky Sardis
  2. Red Sardis
  3. Flying fish
  4. Spiked Sunfish
  5. Kite Ray
  6. Grule
  7. Rainbow Grule
  8. Spear Squid
  9. Drill Squid
  10. Nerath Eel
  11. Great Nerath Eel
  12. Ramahai Fish
  13. Hamahai Fish
  14. Moonfish/Sky Jellyfish
  15. Silverfish
  16. Red Dragon
  17. Gold Dragon
  18. Drajik Fish/Ancient fish

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