The Giant Looper is a large, orange Looper fought as a ship battle near the Loopers' Nest Discovery. It is located north of the Loopers' Nest.


In battle, it is capable of running away if it takes too much damage in one turn. During the battle, several large "Looper rings" are visible in the background. Every turn, the Looper will retreat into Deep Sky and appear in another ring. When given the chance to fire the Moon Stone Cannon, it is best to buff the Delphinus with Increm and debuff the Giant Looper with Driln on the previous turn, and then fire everything available at it, as it will run away if it survives.


The Giant Looper has only one attack that it can use:

  • Looper Ring
Looper Ring has an attack of 8000, and range of 0, and is completely unavoidable.


When defeated, the Giant Looper will spin around until it disappears.


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