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Glyphs are a type of consumable item that emulates certain magic spells when used in battle. Flavor text indicates that all glyphs were developed by De Loco's research laboratories.

Glyph of MightEdit

A Glyph of Might emulates the magic spell Increm, increasing an ally's Attack by 25%. It can be bought for 100 Gold and sold for 50 Gold.

Dropped by: Mine Patrol, Berserker

Glyph of SpeedEdit

A Glyph of Speed emulates the magic spell Quika, increasing an party's Quick by 25%. It can be bought for 100 Gold and sold for 50 Gold.

No enemies drop Glyph of Speed.

Healing SalveEdit

Healing Salves provide a 250 HP Regeneration effect to a single ally, similar to Fina's Lunar Blessing. It can be bought for 50 Gold and sold for 25 Gold.

Dropped by: Sentry

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