"'Come for me!" - Gilder

Gunslinger (ハデにやろうぜ Hade ni Yarouze) is Gilder's first unlockable Super Move. It costs 2 Moonberries to learn and 9 SP to use.


Gilder procures a second pistol, spinning them them briefly before looking down the sights. He fires a barrage of bullets that damage enemies in a straight line, with enough bullets fired to create a large cloud of smoke. The attack inflicts damage equal to a normal physical attack multiplied by 3.[1]


Against one target, Gunslinger is only slightly stronger than Vyse's Cutlass Fury. Against multiple targets though, its destructive power to spirt point use ratio is immensely high, providing a great go-to Super Move that can take out multiple enemies easily. The only real drawback to Gunslinger is Gilder's limited availability for much of the game.


  1. Skies of Arcadia Special Items & Damage Formula FAQ
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