Izmael (イズレール Izrale[1]) is a builder who is contracted to work on Vyse's base after Gilder advises Vyse to set up a base on Crescent Isle.


After Vyse returns from Yafutoma, Izmael will join Vyse's crew as a builder. Izmael can be asked to change the look of the buildings to Western styles as the Crescent Isle base grows larger.



Izmael Attack

Izmael's Crew Ability is automatically executed. Izmael increases the S-Cannon Attack by 100. If included in the Active Crew during the Blue Rogues special attack, Izmael appears holding a trunk that he throws on the enemies.


Izmael (2)

Izmael's fate

In the epilogue, Izmael leaves for Valua where he help to rebuild the city.


  • Izmael's name may be a reference to Moby Dick's "Ishmael", similar to how Rhaknam is a reference to the whale. His name in Japanese, "Izrale", appears to be a corruption of "Israel".
  • During the Deep Sky mission, Izmael claims he is 147 years old.

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