Kalifa is the Fortune Teller in Maramba.

The self-proclaimed Seer of the Red Moon, Kalifa made her living as a fortune teller in Maramba until a dream beckoned her to follow a young man holding a Suiran Blade into the sky. After a quick detour to the other side of the world to actually obtain such a blade, Vyse easily persuarded her to join the crew of his ship, and she now continues her trade in fortunes on Crescent Isle. Her predictions are scarily accurate, if not always useful.

After the events of the game, she gave up fortune telling.


She can be recruited after Vyse has the Suiran Blade. You can buy the Suiran Blade for the weapon merchant in Yafutoma.

Crew Member RoleEdit

When Kalifa is active, the players can receive valuable items from certain ship enemies. The items are as followed:

Gallery Edit

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