Kirala is the top builder in Yafutoma until Vyse praises her work. She offers to join the crew as a builder and abandons her house, which she was working on earlier, to check out the buildings the rest of the world has to offer. Brash, forthright and outspoken, Kirala is the polar opposite of her younger sister Urala, but then bricks and mortar are seldom impressed by good manners.


As a skilled builder, Kirara is determined to demonstrate her Yafutoman building techniques to the world. Outgoing and sure, she is proud of her skills and rightfully so.

After the game, Kirara is the only Crew Member besides Pow to stay with the main trio (Vyse, Aika, and Fina). She stays on Crescent Isle and assists in expanding the port. She is also the only Crew Member to have taken a permanent residence on Crescent Isle.



Kirala's Attack

If Vyse praises her work, after going down the waterfall in the tube boat she will join the Delphinus crew. Among other duties, she will help build things on Crescent Isle; her buildings have a distinctive Yafotoman-style, and her fountains range from a simple zen fountain to an elaborate affair featuring Cupil.


Kirala (2)

Kirala's Fate

Kirara is a builder. For 7 SP, she can fully restore the Delphinus' hit points. During the Blue Rogues Attack, she throws shuriken (or possibly nails) to hit enemies.

Gallery Edit

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