"Fire, consume my enemy! Lambda Burst!" - Aika

Lambda Burst (ラムダバースト) is the third Super Move that Aika can learn. It costs 2 Moonberries to learn and 8 SP to use.

Lambda Burst deals magic damage to all enemies with a base power rating of 200.[1]


This is a helpful move for players that like to quickly plow through battles. It has a higher attack rating than Alpha Storm and hits all enemies. Since it costs less SP than Aika's final move, Omega Psyclone, and still has a decent damage output, it is best used to destroy lesser enemies in one turn, especially since Aika tends to have the first strike in battles. It's very useful up until the party is separated during the Daccat arc, where there isn't enough SP per turn to make good use of this move. Afterwards, many random enounter enemies will have a significantly higher Magic Def. and render this move less than useful compared to Vyse's Rain of Swords.


  1. Skies of Arcadia Special Items & Damage Formula FAQ
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