The Loopers' Nest is the 59th Discovery that Vyse can make.


Loopers are mysterious creatures, rarely seen even by the most seasoned of sailors. They nest in the stone reefs, and their young stay in the nests until they mature. Loopers are white at birth, but turn various colors as they age.

This discovery is found in Looper Land, on the northeastern side of the massive chunk of stone that is at the southern end of the area.

"Looper Land"Edit

"Looper Land" is a fan-term used to describe the area surrounding the Looper's Nest. Every Looper variant is encountered here, except for the Elcian. The Giant Looper is also fought here, though it requires a download in the Dreamcast version. This area is excellent for leveling up, using the Black Map accessory along with Vyse's Rain of Swords once you have sufficient Spirit to perform this in the first round.  It is the triangular-shaped area in the Northwestern corner of the map.

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