Lord Bane is a optional boss in Soltis and the last wanted battle.


Lord Bane has a low profile: no one knows who he is, where he is from, or much of his fighting tactics. He is the leader of a bandit tribe known as Zivilyn Bane.


He is fought on Soltis, where he is guarding the Orb of Serenity.


In battle he uses a surprisingly broad assortment of concealed weapons including claws and a strange blade-star weapon, both as seen to the right. Unfortunately for the player, Lord Bane seems to have poisoned his weapons so there is a random chance that a standard attack involving these devices will result in poison. His go-to move in combat is aptly named; "Explosive Powder" which is interestingly executed by Bane producing an impossibly large bomb (almost as big as he is) from under his robes which he drops to the ground and kicks toward the opposing team. By far his most problematic ability is "Pipes of Doom" which summons a standard Zilvilyn Bane enemy to help him. He can summon quite a number of these helpers, and they are quite difficult to take down which makes this battle all the more difficult, though they are vulnerable to Eternum. As if all this were not enough alone, Lord Bane also possesses and uses a number of items that cannot be obtained by the player, and are most likely made by Bane himself. His first invention, Medicine Box, is a Quicka, Increm, and Regeneration bestowing item that targets himself only. Second, Vase of Echoes, casts a Drilnos equivalent spell on his foes. Finally, his most disheartening invention is a device named Magic Lamp, which has an effect almost identical to Lunar Winds, removing any beneficial stats you may have added to yourself.


Justice Shield is a constant must (he can easily take down the whole team with Explosive Powder otherwise), Lunar Cleansing and Lunar Light will be used very often, and Lunar Winds should be used as soon as he uses Medicine Box. Have some Riselem Crystals on standby. If at all possible, have Eternum available for this battle (likely through Fina), it will not kill Lord Bane, but it will take out the Zilvilyn Banes he summons no problem. Prophecy will damage him slightly, but it's not very effective. There is no easy way about taking down Lord Bane, all you can do is try to stay alive and use your hardest-hitting attacks on him.

He doesn't have any magic spells, nor does he have a way to remove your buffs, so Delta Shield is not necessary. Incremus is highly recommended.


After he is defeated, he will run away, giving Vyse and everyone else the treasure he was guarding.

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