"Moons...Purify our souls". - Fina

Lunar Cleansing (月の浄化 Tsuki no Jouka) is the third Super Move that Fina learns. It costs 2 Moonberries to learn and 6 SP to use.


Lunar Cleansing removes all negative status conditions except unconsciousness from the entire party, essentially making it a non-magic, multi-target version of the Curia spell.

When used, Fina extends her right arm and five spheres of glowing silver appear, and when Fina lifts her arm straight up the spheres disappear and the party are gathered close and surrounded a shield which pulses and then disappears.


Lunar Cleansing likely won't see much use since, by the time it's learned, most negative status conditions will be more of a nuisance to the party than an actual threat. Furthermore, status conditions wear off after battle and most battles are too short for them to be of any major concern.

It's also rare for the more debilitating conditions like Stone to be inflicted on multiple party members, or at least enough of them to warrant the use of Lunar Cleansing; in those situations, its better to use Curia Crystals instead.

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