"Moons, cleanse the lands!" - Fina

Lunar Winds (月の波動 Tsuki no Hadou) is the fourth Super Move that Fina learns, it requires 2 Moonberry to learn and 6 SP to use.


Lunar Winds deal magic damage to all enemies with a base power rating of 150.[1] In addition, all positive status buffs (Increm, Quika, and Regeneration) are removed from the enemy party.


While not as powerful as Aika's Super Moves, Lunar Winds is a useful technique, due to its unique effect. Several bosses (especially the optional Game Cube-exclusive bosses) have moves that bestow status buffs, thus being able to remove them can make the battle easier. Of course there's nothing to stop the boss from attempting to bestow the buff(s) on themselves again later, though one can argue that would be better than having them use a powerful Super Move against the party instead.

In random encounters, Lunar Winds is not as useful as most enemies are easy enough to deal with, even with status buffs.


  1. Skies of Arcadia Special Items & Damage Formula FAQ
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