Drachma;s mace hand
Mace hand

The Mace Hand is an artificial arm that Drachma can use. The Mace Hand resembles a large spiked ball. When equipped, the Mace Hand increases Drachma's Attack power by 125, but has a hit percentage of 0. It can be sold for 1000G.

The Mace Hand is one of the best weapons in the beginning of the game. If you managed to get one in the Valua Catacombs. A good idea is to equip it to Drachma when he is going to use an S. Move. Afterward, if you need to regain SP in order to use another S. Move, switch back to another hand.

The Mace Hand is a weapon that is dropped by either the Mind Stealers in the Valua Catacombs or the Diggers in Moonstone Mountain; both enemies have a 1% chance of dropping one.

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