Maw of Tartas

Enrique recalls the depiction of the Maw of Tartas by Valuan historians.

The Maw of Tartas (タルタスの穴 Tarutasu no Ana) is a series of underground crevasses under the continent of Valua.

Entry and the Great SealEdit

The entrance on the surface is held by a Great Seal (タルタスの神殿 Tarutasu no Shinden), created when the Silvites of the Old World imprisoned Yeligar beneath. This seal made entry from the surface impossible.

When Vyse, Aika, Fina, and Drachma arrived at the Seal in Valua through North Ocean, they learned that it was indestructible even to the Valuan Empire. However, Vyse and his crew later managed to find an entrance to the Maw in the lower sky on their quest for the Yellow Moon Crystal.

The Great Seal to the Maw of Tartas' entrance on the surface was destroyed by the lightning of the Yellow Gigas upon its awakening.


Note that the Enforcers are only fought in a scripted encounter at the seal. All other enemy are fought in the underground area.


  • Maw is an informal term for the mouth. Tartas may be a reference to Tartarus, the deepest level of hell in Greek Mythology. Therefore, Maw of Tartas would literally translate into "Mouth of Hell".
  • The Maw of Tartas' seal resembles Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument located in Wiltshire.
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