The Mid ocean is the area of the Arcadian world located at the middle of the map, and most of it is under the light of the Silver Moon, or more than one moon at once. It is the area bordered to the north by the Valuan Main continent, to the east by the Nasr Kingdom, to the west by of Ixa'Taka and the North Ocean, and to the south by the turbulent South Ocean.

While the Mid Ocean region is mostly empty, it contains a large number of small islands and a few medium sized, unpopulated islands. It was once home to the Silver Civilization, and still holds a handful of their relics as seen in Shrine Island and discoveries such as the Flying Machine. Notable locations in the Mid-Ocean are Pirate's Isle (aka "Windmill Isle" to those who aren't Blue Rogues.) and Sailor's Island. The area is also notable for being a crossroads between many regions, and thus a place of much trade and shipping. The Valuan Armada maintains a very significant presence in the Mid Ocean, as do many pirates.

Enemies: Edit

Randomly encountered enemies in the Mid Ocean include the following:




Grouder (after completing shrine isle)

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