Enrique with 5 Moon Crystals

The Moon Crystals are concentrated Moon Stones with enough power to control and power the Gigas and, when combined, can break the seal holding Zelos. There is a different colored Moon Crystal for each Moon. Each Moon Crystal of a specified color controls its corresponding Gigas.

List of Moon CrystalsEdit

Red Moon Crystal Edit

The Red Moon Crystal is found in the Temple of Pyrynn under the Red Moon.

Green Moon Crystal Edit

The Green Moon Crystal is found in the temple at the top of Rixis under the Green Moon.

Blue Moon Crystal Edit

The Blue Moon Crystal is found deep in Mount Kazai under the Blue Moon.

Purple Moon Crystal Edit

The Purple Moon Crystal is embedded in Rhaknam.

Yellow Moon Crystal Edit

The Yellow Moon Crystal is in possession of Yeligar in the Maw of Tartas.

Silver Moon Crystal Edit

A piece of the Silver Moon Crystal lies in every Silvite, and as such, its powers can be harnessed when any piece of it is retrieved upon a Silvite's death.

Gallery Edit

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