Mount Kazai

A ship sailing over Mount Kazai

Mount Kazai (フガク Fugaku) is a sacred mountain north of Yafutoma.


The mountain is the resting place of the Blue Gigas Bluheim. Deep within is buried the Blue Moon Crystal, which is vital to anyone who wishes to control the Gigas.

As a DungeonEdit

Treasure ChestsEdit


Note that Aluspheres are only fought in scripted encounters near the end of the dungeon


  • Mount Kazai is based off Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan and an active stratovolcano. Mount Kazai's Japanese name, Fugaku, is also an alternate name for Mount Fuji.[1]
  • Mount Kazai ranked number 4 on ScrewAttack's Top Ten Worst Water Levels, mainly due to the dungeon's maze-like layout, numerous puzzles that punish mistakes heavily, slow underwater walking pace, and the boss Tortigar's ability to use Sacrulen and the invincible Steelskin technique.[2]


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