1690520-830px maramba

A town in Nasr.

Nasr is the desert kingdom to the east of Valua and west of the Dark Rift. It is the land of the red moon, meaning most enemies encountered in the area are red-element. The buildings and customs seem to be based on the Middle-East. The capital is Nasrad.


Nasr is one of the more organized kingdoms (until the bombing of Nasrad). The leader is called the Nasultan, and lives in elegant palace. They have an effective Navy, and heavily defend the South Dannel Strait to prevent a Valuan invasion. They believe that the North Dannel Strait is impassable due to a circular sky rift blocking the path, and therefore do not defend it. Maramba receives no such protection, as it is shielded by a sky rift and a stone reef. Unfortunately, this strategy was a careless one. Late in the game, Valuan technology allowed the Armada to pass through any and all Sky Rifts (save for the Dark Rift). Nasrad is bombed and the Nasultan killed when Ramirez leads his ships through the North Dannel Strait.


  • Nasr seems to be based around the Ottoman Empire, owing to its naming conventions and the desert landscape within its borders. And like Nasr, the Ottoman Empire was ruled by a Sultan, and possessed a nationalistic rivalry with Spain (Valua) and other European nations.
  • In fact, the name Nasr itself is taken from a lake in Egypt, which fits, given that both nations are mostly desert.

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