Omega Psyclone (オメガサイクロン Omega Saikuron) is the fifth and last one of Aika's Super Moves.

Omega Psyclone deals magic damage to all enemies with a base power rating of 330.[1]

In its execution, Aika's bow shines yellow, and the sun in twilight position is seen behind her (the in-game description reads "Red Moon", since the animation is fire-based), she throws it up into the air, where it spins and turns into a kind of star. She leaps right after throwing it, and when they meet, both spin a bit, and she throws 6 copies of her bow at the ground, where they cut it in an hexagon around the enemies. The floor outside the hexagon breaks, and lava is seen under it as the bows reunite in Aika's hand. She then throws this star at the enemies, exploding the platform they are standing in.


While it is a powerful-looking Super Move, by mid-game it does not do as much damage as Rain of Swords or The Claudia.


  1. Skies of Arcadia Special Items & Damage Formula FAQ
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