Originally a loan shark from Nasrad, Osman was ruined when her shop was destroyed in the Valuan raid and her clerk ran away with all the money. The minute she heard that Vyse had a ship, she muscled her way into the crew, not entirely with the captain's consent, intending to remake her fortune using the cargo space to trade goods. As an item merchant, she also sells to the crew and captain, but don't expect a discount.


At the end of the game, Osman opened a new shop in Nasrad and regained her fortune through trading with Yafutoma.



Simply speak with her after obtaining the Delphinus to recruit her as a merchant.

Crew Member RoleEdit

When Osman is active, the players can receive valuable items from certain ship enemies. The items are as followed:

Shop ItemsEdit

Once recruited, Osman will also set up a shop on Crescent Isle that sells the following Magic Boxes:

  • Crystalen Box*
  • Crystales Box
  • Driln Box*
  • Electri Box
  • Electrum Box*
  • Panika Box
  • Pyri Box
  • Pyrum Box*
  • Sacri Box
  • Sacrulen Box*
  • Slipara Box
  • Sylenis Box
  • Wevlen Box*
  • Wevles Box

*Boxes marked with an asterisk (*) can only be purchased after her shop is upgraded.

Gallery Edit

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