Polly, a voluptuous and provocative redhead who wears a golden fishhook earring on her left ear (as opposed to her daugther Anne who wears a silver one), is a resident of Sailor's Island, running the local tavern, which is famous world wide for her cuisine and service. She must be enrolled on your crew in order to recruit her lost husband Robinson, which is the main reason she joins Vyse's crew.



Once Vyse obtains the Delphinus, she can be persuaded to leave Sailor's Island to serve on the ship's crew. Once she leaves, her daughter Anne takes over running the tavern.


Her crew role is cook. When active, she call up one "Polly Special" that restores one character's magic points for 6 SP. Her Blue Rogue Attack is depicted as a kiss that heals the group. In the base, give her 10 Grule to have a Polly special that restores and restore all HP & MP outside the battle.

Gallery Edit

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