The Primrose

The Primrose is Clara's flagship.


The ship is painted in vivid shades of pink and yellow, and reminds Aika of a "honeymoon suite". It is armed with a total of ten cannons, five on each of it's port and starboard sides and It bears a winged, winking heart as  a flag (which is later seen decorating the walls of the undergound port at Crescent Isle). The ship's crew consists entirely of adolescent girls and young women (such as Belle), some of whom also hope to seek their true love across the skies.

The Primrose is first seen rescuing Aika and Fina after they were shipwrecked, and later mentioned when Vyse (and party) scape from Valua, it along with The Claudia attacked the Grand Fortress to create a distraction.

The Primrose was one of many ships that engaged the Valuan Armada during the Battle of Soltis.

Name OriginsEdit

Primrose has multiple meanings. It can refer to Primulaceae, a family of flowering plants with about 24 genera, and Primula vulgaris, also known as the "common primrose". That is to say, in the common tounge, that a primrose is one of any number of flowers. This fits the ship especially well, given that you could seemingly discribe any given member of it's crew in the exact same way.


  • The Dreamcast "Swirl" can be seen embedded on the headboard of the bed Aika and Fina wake up in while they are in the Primrose.
  • When Aika and Fina regain consciousness there is a picture of Gilder sitting on the nightstand to the right of the bed.

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