SOA Riktalish

Rik'talish is the eighth boss in the game and is the boss of Rixis. It resembles a large multi-colored bird-like creature with a long neck and is a green element enemy with 6913 HP.


Rik'talish can use the following abilities:

  • Attack: A physical attack that has a chance of inflicting Weak on the target.
  • Feather Slash: Rik'talish flaps its wings, generating a gust of wind and feathers that damage all party members in the line of fire.
  • Ring of Sleep: Rik'talish emits a wave of holographic blue rings on a single target, possibly inflicting them with Sleep. It does not inflict any damage.
  • Circle of Panic: Rik'talish emits a wave of holographic violet rings on a single target, possibly inflicting them with Confusion. It does not inflict any damage.


When defeated, Rik'talish yields 7,319 Exp, 2,700 gold and a Sylph Seed.


Name Element HP Attack Defense Vigor Will Magic Defense Quick Agile Hit Percent Dodge Percent
Rik'talish Green 6913 261 176 58 78 176 114 15 105 15


  • In the Japanese version, Rik'talish is named Diatryma, an extinct species of flightless birds now known as Gastornis.
  • It is unusually susceptible to stone, and if the player can keep it stoned it is possible to complete this encounter with little to no damage taken to the party.

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