Rixis is an ancient city in Ixa'Taka. Its entrance is located in the central landmass, at the base of one of the mountains.


It was destroyed by the Rains of Destruction along with most of the rest of the world, and has been left untouched since then. Legends of it have become more and more elaborate over time, until at the point of time the game is set, where Rixis was believed to be completely covered in Gold.

One legend however, is true. After the sealing of Grendel, the Green Gigas, Silvite mages sealed the Green Moon Crystal at the peak of the city.

The means of finding the city were lost when the Green civilization was almost destroyed by an onslaught, first from the Rains of Destruction, and then the wanderings of Grendel, who had lost his master, and so had become mindlessly aggressive.

The party finds Rixis in game after the High Priest Isapa, provides them with a clue, and they find both the Golden Man and Great Bird discoveries.

As a DungeonEdit

In Rixis, the party is moved by floating platforms between pieces of ruined buildings. In these, are treasure chests, though none are missable.

Treasure ChestsEdit



  • Rixis is known as Dorado in the Japanese version. The name is a reference to El Dorado which, like Rixis, is also known as a legendary "Lost City of Gold".
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