The Roc is a giant bird which flies over Ixa'taka.


These legendary birds were all but considered myths as the only trace of them were huge feathers found on land or blowing in the wind. Without the discovery of the Roc's Nest, these creatures would have been considered extinct.


The Roc is one of the giant monster battles and can only be fought after returning from Yafutoma and having the Delphinus upgraded to fly at extreme altitudes.


The Roc has two attacks, the first of which is its Scream, which is a larger version of the Eerie Wail. It uses this every turn and it typically causes about 4000 damage. The second attack is Grab, where it literally grabs the ship and tosses it about, typically causing about 6000 in damage; this attack only occurs in the red zones.

Once given the choice of how to fight, it is much better to take it head on, making sure that you have focused enough so it is possible to fire the Moon Stone Cannon. A blast from the cannon typically does 18000 in damage, and it should be over in about two shots. Ultimately it is a relatively short battle.


  • It may be necessary to find the Roc's Nest Discovery first, this is also in Ixa'taka.
  • Roc will drop the Wooden Doll item, but only if Kalifa is in your active crew.
  • If you have Osman in your crew, it will drop one Gold Bullion instead.
  • Roc is extremely vulnerable to red and yellow magic attacks.
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