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Ryu-Kan is a crewmember who joins as "Artisan". His recruitment is completely unique, and as such makes him arguably one of the toughest to get.


Ryu-Kan can only be recruited after reaching the rank of "Vyse the Daring" or higher. In the Gamecube version, you must do this either before dropping to "Fallen Pirate" or after defeating and reporting Vize.


Ryu-Kan desires to speak only with the worthy. As a result, he seems apathetic to Vyse's presence when at a rank lower than "Daring". After recruiting him and before upgrading his shop, he seems dissatisfied and tired. Once his shop has been upgraded, he will ask Vyse about "Velorium" a type of metal that can be only found in Deep Sky. Once the "Vorlik Blade" has been made, he will ask if Vyse if it's being put to good use. (The Valorium's exclusive location implies that it was a Silvite invention.) He will give a proverb whenever Vyse exits his shop.

Ryu-Kan is
a hermit, and found on a small island in the southeast corner of the entire map past the dark rift.


Ryu-Kan's Crew Ability requires 15 SP to execute.When activated, Ryu-Kan increases the ship's attack and defense for one turn. If included in the Active Crew during the Blue Rogues special attack, Ryu-Kan appears forging a sword and says, "That's a fine blade!".

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