Under the command of Galcian, the Imperial Armada returns to Valua.

The Serpent was Lord Galcian's first Flagship. It is later replaced by the Hydra during the battle over Soltis. The Serpent is also one of the few Valuan Flagships that do not battle Vyse and his crew (the others being the Cygnus and the Monoceros)


The Serpent was first recognized by Dyne when the Imperial Armada approached his base of Pirate Isle. Fina is seen talking to Galcian aboard this ship after she was captured along with Dyne's crew.


  • Serpent is another word for snake, and like all the names of the valuan flagships it is also a constellation. Galcian's Hydra is based on the snake with multiple heads in the tale of Heracles/Hercules.

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