The Sky Fang is one of the many weapons Vyse can wield. It is the strongest cutlass available in the Gamecube version of Skies of Arcadia, and quite likely the most difficult of all the weapons to obtain.


A sword so powerful, it is said that it can split the heavens. The ultimate sword.

Weapon informationEdit

It can be purchased from the Mysterious Merchant after a number of tasks in the game are completed (the same tasks that allow you to fight Vigoro the Air Pirate and discover the Golden Hamachou). However, the status of Legend is not needed. Rather one must complete the requirements for the following rankings: Charismatic, Extravagant, Exploration King, Sky Battle King, Battle Lord, and Bounty King.


The Sky Fang seems to resemble the Phantasy Star Online weapons Dark Flow and the game's standard dagger to some degree.

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