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You mess with me, you mess with Claudia!
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— Gilder

The Claudia (俺がギルダーだ! Ore ga Girudā da!) is Gilder's third and final Super Move. It requires 4 Moonberries to learn and 18 SP to use.


Gilder takes the helm of his flagship Claudia and fires its cannons at all enemies, dealing damage equal to a normal physical attack multiplied by 2.5.[1]


This move is not very spirit efficient compared to Vyse's Rain of Swords, costing 4 more SP while only doing slightly more damage; as such it has very little practical use.


  • Game mechanics enable Gilder to fire the Claudia in buildings, in caves, or even on the deck of the Claudia itself. This is likely design oversight or leniency on part of the game developers.


  1. Skies of Arcadia Special Items & Damage Formula FAQ
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