Valuan Battleship

The Valuan Battleship

"If you want my ship that badly, you can have it. I'll get another."

This unnamed Valuan Battleship was under the command of Admiral Alfonso, on a mission to capture Fina. After shooting down her ship and bringing her aboard, the ship came under attack by the Albatross. The ship and its crew was eventually seized by the Blue Rogues soon after Alfonso made a cowardly escape, but was later released.

The battleship serves as the game's first dungeon, but is relatively short.

As a dungeonEdit

Treasure chestsEdit

There are four easy to find treasure chests in this dungon. Since the dungeon cannot be revisited after you defeat the boss, these chests are missable.



  • Near the save point is a switch; if pressed, random encounters will no longer occur in the area.
  • Despite being captained by Alfonso, this ship should not be confused with his flagship, the Cygnus.
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