"A rare type of metal found in Deep Sky. It is many times stronger than normal steel."
— Item description

This diagram shows the location of the Velorium (and Fina's ship) in the Vortex. The unmarked spaces represent a potential battle with Raja.

Velorium is a rare metal found in Skies of Arcadia. It is used by Ryu-Kan to forge the Vorlik Blade, the strongest weapon Vyse can equip in Skies of Arcadia, and the second-most powerful weapon (after the Sky Fang) in Skies of Arcadia Legends. Only two pieces of this metal can be found in the Vortex.

To acquire the Velorium pieces, the Delphinus's crane must be lowered in two specific locations in the Vortex towards the end of the game, specified in the picture to the right. Once both pieces are acquired, they can be given to Ryu-Kan (provided he is part of the crew and his shop has been upgraded), but the player must leave Crescent Isle and return once the Velorium has been given to him before he will forge the blade.

Trivia Edit

  • The location of the Velorium may suggest that it is a Silvite invention, as Soltis is also buried in Deep Sky nearby.
  • The two pieces of Velorium do not stack in the Items menu.

Gallery Edit

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