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 The Vorlik Blade (Japanese: Ryu Kan Oni Zan Tsurugi) is one of the many weapons Vyse can wield.


A masterpiece of the legendary swordsmith, Ryu-Kan, forged from Velorium.

Weapon informationEdit

The Vorlik Blade can be purchased from Ryu-Kan for 16500 gold once his shop is upgraded in Crescent Isle.

The best weapon for Vyse in the game (Dreamcast Version). To obtain it you need to do the following (in order):

  1. Recruit Ryu-Kan.
  2. Upgrade his shop on Crescent Isle.
  3. Deliver Velorium (from the Vortex) to Ryu-Kan.
  4. Leave and return to Crescent Isle.
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