And this "beast" on my shoulder here is Willy.-Gilder introduces Willy to Vyse.

Oh baby! Oh baby!-Willy on the bridge of The Claudia.


Willy is a nonplayable characther In Skies of Arcadia, he fulfills the archtype of the "parrot and pirate" and is ussualy close by Gilder's side. Gilder considers Willy a companion as well as a member of his crew, the same as any of his human counterparts.
Willy 2

Wiily helping Gilder and Vyse brake out of Valua.

Willy is instrumental in Vyse's (and party) second scape from Valua


Willy does not resemble a regular parrot, he appears to have traits from different birds like a toucan's beak, canary legs, and a roosters crest. He also wears pilot's skullcap and goggles and a red ascot.

Willy one

Willy as he appears in Eternal Arcadia.

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